Guide to garage doors

Why insulate your garage door?

Warkworth Garage Doors specialize in garage door insulation. Almost our entire range of new sectional doors have an insulation option.

How does insulation affect heat and noise?

Most modern homes are insulated and double glazed, but quite often the garage door misses out.... it's no wonder the garage feels like a freezer in the winter and a sauna on a hot summers day. Your garage door often occupies 25-30% of the façade and is an excellent conductor for hot and cold. By insulating your garage door, it will help regulate heat transfer keeping the cold of winter out, along with the heat of summer. The resulting effect will be a more moderate garage temperature year-round.

Sound transfer is greatly improved through insulation acting as a 2-way barrier by muffling the noise going in and out. Ideal when living on or near a busy road, or if using the garage space as a workshop.

Insulation will dramatically reduce the operating noise of your garage door by muffling the sound so it doesn't wake the house on early mornings. The inside look of your door is also enhanced with our InsulPro insulation. By covering the steel of the door you are left with a ‘carpet-like’ finish, giving the garage itself a warmer feel and transforming it into an extra room.

How are sectional doors Insulated?

New Doors
Our Colorsteel® doors along with the majority of our other sectional doors have an insulation option. These doors are custom fitted with InsulPro insulation when the door is manufactured at the factory.

Retro-fitting your existing door
Your current sectional garage door will, more than likely, be able to be retrofitted with InsulPro insulation. We can take exact measurements of your garage door panels and custom fit the Insulation to suit on site. It sometimes requires swapping out a spring to 'balance up' your door. Contact us today for a no obligation free quote.

Benefits of garage door insulation

  • A more moderate garage temperature year-round
  • A more energy efficient space
  • A quieter garage with a 2-way insulation barrier muffling sound coming in and out
  • Garage door operating noise greatly reduced
  • InsulPro insulation has warm, carpet like finish, which enhances the feel of the garage.

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