Guide to garage doors

Choose the right garage door for your home.

Choosing a new garage door can be a daunting process with the many styles, types and materials on offer as well as the budget you have to work with. By making the right choice, it provides one of the highest returns on investment you can make for your home. Before you start shopping around, take time out to learn the things to look for.

Think about how you plan to use your garage.

Park your car? Games room? Workshop? Storage? Beer fridge? Clothes drying?

If you plan to use your garage as a workshop, natural light is a consideration. Adding windows to your door is a good option. Insulation will provide a sound barrier to dampen down the power tools.

A games room? Keeping noise out and a year-round comfortable temperature are important. An insulated door is a great solution, especially InsulPro insulation, which has a warm, carpet like finish . A heavier gauge steel door may also be worth considering depending on the games being played.

Find which style will best complement your home.

A garage door in disrepair can leave a first-time visitor with a bad impression of your home. By upgrading your garage door, you will not only enhance the visual appeal of the garage, but of the entire exterior. The key is to select a door style that complements your home.

For instance, if you live in a weatherboard bungalow, look for a garage door that features similar characteristics eg: A Fineline or Ribline Coloursteel that replicate the look of weatherboards. If you live in a clean-lined modern home, concentrate on simple garage door designs with limited detailing, which will reinforce the streamlined appeal of the architecture eg: a SMOOTH PANEL steel or aluminium door. If it looks 'right at home' on the exterior, you've made a great choice. Warkworth Garage Doors have the complete range of Garage Doors to suit your needs.

Choose the best garage door material.

The best material to use... is the material that best suits your requirements. It is a matter of weighing up the style you like, with the materials that are required to construct your door. If you have a property near the ocean, aluminium and COLORSTEEL are materials worth looking at being aware they should be washed down regularly. There is no denying certain construction materials require more care than others. Many homeowners fall in love with the look and feel of natural wood, which is understandable, but it does require regular maintenance.

Steel garage doors are the most popular choice. Their value and all-around performance is hard to beat. Steel is durable, long-lasting and you have a number of gauges (thickness) to choose from. Its strength stands up to a lot of 'bumps and bruises' that other materials don't.

*NOTE: To understand the maintenance requirements of the doors you're looking at before making a final commitment.

Choose a garage door colour.

Handy colour tips:

  • Look at matching your garage door with the colour of your house or the window trim. This will help your garage door blend in and make your home look bigger.
  • Choose a colour that is different from your front door. Your front door is the focal point, and a garage door the same colour can throw the overall look 'out of balance'.
  • A garage door in a clean, neutral, single colour will give your home maximum curb appeal.

Decide if you need insulation.

Your garage door often occupies 25-30% of the façade and is an excellent conductor for hot and cold. Most new modern homes are insulated and double glazed, but quite often the garage door misses out.... No wonder the garage feels like a freezer in the winter and a sauna on a hot summers day. By insulating your garage door, it will help regulate heat transfer keeping the cold of winter out, along with the heat of summer. The resulting effect will be a more moderate garage temperature year-round.

Benefits of Garage Door Insulation (small outlay - big benefits)

  • A more moderate garage temperature year-round
  • A more energy efficient space
  • A quieter garage with a 2-way insulation barrier muffling sound coming in and out
  • Garage door operating noise greatly reduced
  • InsulPro insulation has warm, carpet like finish which enhances the feel of the garage.

Pick the right people to supply and install your new garage door.

When choosing Warkworth Garage Doors to supply and install your new garage door, you can be confident you are are in safe hands. We buy direct from our Auckland manufacturers who have been supplying Kiwis since 1992. All our products and workmanship are backed up with extensive warranties. Trade certified for over 30 years, Warkworth Garage Doors are a local, trusted company, that understand our customers needs. With our experience and eye for detail, you know your Garage Door Installation will be done right... guaranteed.

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